Intermediate to Advanced Vinyasa Yoga

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Sundays at 9:00am

This Intermediate to advanced level Vinyasa class is designed for students who already know Classical Sun Salutation, and Sun Salutations A & B, and can follow a flow sequence without instructions for modifications, though students are welcome to modify where needed.


2 reviews for Intermediate to Advanced Vinyasa Yoga

  1. Belle (verified owner)

    This yoga flow provides a bit more of a challenge. Positions are a little more complex and flow is of a quicker speed. In this class, most members know the modifications needed and is able to flow with their breath more smoothly without the once in a while side chatter of how to modify. (Don’t get me wrong, she will still provide the modification when one asks, just speak up, she doesn’t mind!) This class is great for those whom are familiar with yoga and want to really work on building up more core muscles. <3

  2. tanushkagunatilaki (verified owner)

    I usually take either the Saturday or Sunday morning class with my daughter. We have been taking this Sunday morning class for over an year and we love the challenge. All of Deanna’s classes are very good and Deanna embodies the characteristics of spirituality. We are blessed to have met her and embarked on this journey to learn yoga about three years ago.

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