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Yoga In Poway: “A Way of Life”

Welcome to Refresh Your Spirit, dedicated to the healing power of yoga for your mind, body, and spirit.

The obvious physical benefits of yoga, such as flexibility, core strength, muscle tone, and balance, are often what draws students to yoga. Regular practice has also been associated with improved blood circulation, cardiovascular endurance, respiratory function, blood pressure, and heart rate. The internal organs are massaged, releasing toxins and aiding gastrointestinal function. Synovial fluids essential to healthy joints and spine function are released increasing joint mobility.

Once immersed in the practice, students soon discover that this far more holistic approach to exercise also benefits the mind and spirit. The integration of breath control (pranayama) with the physical asanas (postures) helps the practitioner develop mental clarity & a calmer mind state, lowering epinephrine and cortisol levels associated with anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, weight gain, and many more physical and mental disorders. The results are a more positive self-image and a sense of spiritual well-being.

All classes are currently held outdoors under a 20’ x 20’ shaded pavilion with fresh air and physical distancing between students. Enjoy the spaciousness of practicing yoga surrounded by nature.

Poway Yoga Classes

Featured Yoga Classes

  • Chill Out Gentle Yoga

    From: $20.00
  • Intermediate to Advanced Vinyasa Yoga

    From: $20.00
  • Kriya Candlelight Yoga

    From: $20.00
  • Mixed Level Vinyasa Yoga

    From: $20.00

Yoga in Poway

About Deanna Padilla

I am continually learning on this ever-expanding journey into yoga, and sharing my knowledge and love of the practice with my students has become a passion. It is so spiritually gratifying to be involved with the changes, both physical and emotional, that hatha yoga inevitably brings to the lives of those who make this many-faceted discipline a part of their lifestyle. Because the practice addresses the needs of the mind and spirit as well as the body, it is profoundly healing on many levels.

I invite you to calm your mind, nurture your body, and refresh your spirit through yoga.

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